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Address Severe Bone Loss With Zygomatic Implants

Severe bone loss in the jawbone resulting from a variety of ailments can prevent missing teeth from being replaced through conventional dental implant treatments. At Smile Again Dental Implant Center, our implant specialist provides a groundbreaking solution with zygomatic dental implants. Zygomatic implants eliminate the need for bone grafting and make full arch dental implants possible for our patients suffering severe bone loss. If you were previously told dental implants were not an option for your, contact our office to learn more about zygomatic implants near you.

Our implant specialist is an expert in dental surgery addressing complex cases of the face, jaw, and mouth. Our implant specialist is one of the few implant specialists in the country who routinely places zygomatic dental implants as part of full arch treatments. This amazing solution allows us to help patients previously denied the life changing benefits of dental implants.

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How Do Zygomatic Dental Implants Work?

Traditional dental implants are secured to the jawbone, however zygomatic dental implants are surgically placed into the zygomatic (cheek) bones instead. By securing the implant into the zygomatic bone, your dental implants are supported by a stable facial bone without the need for alterations of the jawbone like bone grafting. Zygomatic implants are one of the most complex surgeries in implant dentistry requiring an implant specialist skilled and trained in this procedure. Our implant specialists place zygomatic dental implants on a routine basis and have years of experience and clinical results to back their treatments.

Zygomatic Implants From Our Implant Specialist Can Offer You The Following Benefits:

The Process Of Zygomatic Implants

At Smile Again Dental Implant Center we believe in providing affordable dental implants to our patients. We feature an in-house lab where we create your implants and restorations right here in the office, cutting down costs normally associated with outside labs. Affordable dental implants are also made possible thanks to the variety of insurance carriers we work with and third-party financing we offer. Our finance department would be happy to speak with you about the insurance and financing options we have available. Maximizing your insurance benefits and utilizing the amazing financing programs we offer will help make affordable dental implants a reality. Simply contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment with our office.

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