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Our Implant Specialist Talks About "Todays Technology Provides A Higher Quality Of Outcome And Care For Dentistry."

Everything You Need In One Place

Smile Again Dental Implant Center is proud to feature a state-of-the-art in-house dental lab equipped with everything we need to exceed our patient’s expatiations in patient care. We value attention to detail and strive to provide our patients the care they deserve. For decades our dental team has utilized our in-house lab and technology to create customized treatment plans, implants, and restorations. Not all dental practices offer an in-house dental lab despite the many benefits to both the dentist and patient. A dental lab can make a world of difference in the quality of care you receive, enhance your experience, and minimize overall costs. Benefits include:

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Technology To Set Us Apart

We feature the latest digital and laser technology to help increase the precision, predictability, speed, and efficiency of your surgery. With a full mouth dental implant lab, we can ensure your surgery is a success from the moment we begin designing your treatment plan. We utilize 3D cone beam scanners and 3D intraoral digital scanners to visualize the structure of your mouth and strategize the best way to execute your treatment. Surgeries for full mouth dental implants, single dental implants, and implant supported dentures are designed with the use of our full mouth dental implant lab. Scanning technologies used in our dental lab allows us to strategically place dental implants directly into the jawbone with minimal invasiveness. By minimizing the intrusiveness of your implant placement, healing occurs quicker, and your implant can fuse to the bone. The precision and efficiency with which your implants are placed allows us to perform same-day restorations and our patients can begin enjoying their new smiles right away.

Smile Again With Smile Design

Our smile design software allows patients to see the result of their treatment and visualize the beautiful, healthy smile they will achieve. If you have ever wondered what your smile would look like without the smile imperfections that have always plagued you, our smile design software can show you! It’s not often that you can visualize the result of dental treatment before you begin. Our dental lab is equipped with the technology capable of showing you just that. Smile design allows our dental team to use a combination of treatments to address different smile imperfections and create your dream smile. Combined with the 3D scanning and intraoral cameras, we can design a customized smile design treatment plan just for you. Simply contact our office today to learn more about how our technology can provide you the excellent patient care you will come to expect from Smile Again Dental Implant Center.

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Technology To Benefit Our Patients

The benefit of an in-house dental lab extends beyond the creation of restorations and cutting-edge technology making surgeries precise and efficient. A dental lab on site minimizes the costs typically associated with outside labs. Patients usually shoulder the shipping fees and fabrication costs associated with sending out implants, guides, and restorations to be made. These costs are lumped into the overall pricing of treatment, but thanks to our dental lab being on-site these costs do not affect our patients. This reduction is costs is one of the many reasons we can offer affordable dental implants to our patients. If 3D scanning technology was not on-site, patients would normally need to visit other locations for such services. Your time is valuable and the last thing we want for our patients is to have them traveling to differently locations for treatment. Instead, we strive to provide everything we can in-house to bring more value to you.

You deserve the best patient care possible! Allow us to show you how our state-of-the-art dental lab sets us apart from others. If you’ve been searching for denture lab or dental implant lab near you, Smile Again Dental Implant Center is the office for you! We are here to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see how we use our state-of-the-art technology to customize your treatment. Our dental team is ready to help you today!

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